Bérénice Batut

Researcher in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Triathlet, Maker, Photograph



I'm currently a post-doctorant researcher in bioinformatics. I'm working on gut microbiota. I did my PhD on reductive genome evolution with in silico experimental evolution and comparative genomics.

Loving sports, I spend time swimming, runnning, skiing and above all biking. I love also doing photography, travelling, cooking, eating ...

I love the DIY and makers movements. Following these movements and my ecological soul, I'm trying to creating new objects from used ones (papers, cardoard, records, ...).

I'm interested by many subjects from scientific communication to programming, but also in feminism and alternative ways of life. I'm trying to pass down my knowledge and my passions in lectures I give but also in everyday life to my collegues, my friends, my family. But most of all I'm long-life learner, keen to learn...